Thursday May 04th

8:00 Registration


9:00 Welcome


9:30 Space allocation of the teams


10:00-14:00 Development


14:00-15:00 LUNCH


15:00-21:00 Development


21:00 End of first Session. Buses to Subway Stations


Friday May 05th

8:00-14:00 Development


14:00-15:00 LUNCH


15:00-16:00 Development


16:00 Evaluation of projects


18:00 Award ceremony


19:00-21:00 Get Together time


21:00 End of Hackathon. Buses to Subway Stations

Tecnológico de Monterrey Campus Santa Fe and the program of Digital Music Production Engineering, in collaboration with Arturia, Music Makers and Hacedores (to be confirmed), invite to the hackathon focused on the development of music hardware and software.The event is open to students, professionals, artists, musicians, designers and programmers who are interested in developing a project of music hardware controlled by software. The hackathon will take place at Tecnológico de Monterrey Campus Santa Fe on May 04th and 05th, 2017.


The participants in Noise-Hack will work in small teams to develop the projects. The aim is to create an original, innovative and experimental interaction between hardware and software as well as to share time with other people and meet different companies and organizations involved in the making, design and marketing of different kind of controllers and devices that may be included in their projects.




The project will have to be completely finished by the end of the event and it must have the following MANDATORY FEATURES:

1. Use of hardware to send and receive information between the computer and the user.

2. The hardware will be designed by the participants, and it might include arduinos, raspberry Pi’s or any other controller or device that allows the inclusion of other controllers, devices, circuits, sensors or materials.

3. To use any audio programming environment (Max/MSP, Pure Data, Supercollider, Chuck, etc.) or general programming language (Java, C++, Python, etc.) to interconnect the hardware and the computer.


Apart from this, the project must have AT LEAST ONE of the following features:

  • To generate audio (oscillators, noise generators, etc.)

  • To synthesize audio (AM, FM, granular, etc.)

  • To design or generate sequences (MIDI, audio, etc.)

  • Analyze or detect sound parameters (pitch, intensity, harmonic spectra, etc.)

  • Manipulate in real time or automate sound parameters (panning, intensities, velocities, etc.)


Teams of 2-5 people can register in the event.


For the participants the companies and organizations will provide:

To be listed


Each team will bring their computers and programming tools as well as any kind of equipment they consider necessary as long as it is properly labelled to prove their property.


The prizes will be:


1 Minibrute



1 Keylab 25



1 Beatstep Pro


To register, access the following link: 

Look for the option "Quiero boletos" then choose Registro: HACKATÓN to get your team's registration.

Remember, Thursday, April 25th. at 23:59 hrs. is the limit date to register you team


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